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I'm being bullied and physically confronted in school?

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Hi, I'm a ghanaian female who just transferred to another college.Ever since I started college,I have been bullied,harassed,and verbally assaulted by black and hispanic females at school.There are these 3 black females who keep picking fights with me in my class and calling me a stupid african.Last thursday morning,On my way to school, I ran into the females who are threatening and harming me.As I approached them,they grew silent and started whispering to each other and I heard one of them whisper,(that african girl is so stupid she's always sitting by herself and she never talks to anyone).They instantly blew out laughing at me and pointed at my clothing from my head to my toes they really harassed and hurt my feelings.But I did not take them seriously and shrugged it off.Since then, I have tried my best to talk to the students at school to get people to like and not hate me instead.But the black and hispanic females in my school keep spreading rumors about me,bumping into me in the hallways,and pointing at me for no reason.I dont know what I ever did to be treated this way.The black and hispanic females keep calling me an african and disgracing me.Every day when I go to school, I pray in my head and on my way, I pray to God for guidance and protection.But I am much older than the females who are bullying me in school.I should be focusing on my studies for my future career right now .Every day, the black and hispanic females in my school point at me,pick fights with me, and harass me and I'm always crying because I'm sensitive.I told my parents about this issue but they did not believe me and kept screaming on me. They even ignored me.But the black and hispanic students keep attacking me.Whenever I try to talk to the students, they ignore me and give me attitude.They behave as if they dont want to be nice with me.I dont have any friends in my school because no one ever approaches or talks to me. They always ignore and desert me. The boys in my school make fun of my clothes and say how cheap my clothes are. They also make remarks about how ugly I am and that I'm not good looking compared to the other females at school and outside. I guess no one likes me because they hate me and want to make sure i'm never happy and always feeling down.What should I do?