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Things didn't work out, what do to next? :(

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So as many of you may know what's been happening lately with my gf, a few days ago she broke up with me because she said she promised herself if i didn't say anything about fixing our issues or that i loved her for about a month and i explained to her that i've been planning something special for her whenever i could be able to see her face to face again and i really wanted to surprise her with it, but she broke up with me because she said i was too late and i kept stressing to her that i've bending over backwards for her to do something that will mend us back together and she's been busy alot on almost every weekend so i haven't been able to see at all this summer, but i kept waiting because i knew when she saw my effort she would be glad to work things out. But she said that she was waiting for me to say something, and i really wanted to say something over text but i was unsure on how she would react because she was replying very vaguely, so i decided that i wanted to do it face to face to make it genuine and better for our relationship, but i guess that failed :/ she says that we could still be best friends if i want, which i do, but i want to be more than that and give it another shot. I asked her today if she would want to date me again and she said she doesn't know and we had a conversation on the phone explaining that she just can't do it and feels hurt that i didn't say anything to her about it for the month that she gave me and it didn't matter that i was planning something because she wanted something simple. She says she might can consider being with me again but not for a long time. Yea, we're friends in all, but it's really not the same :/ she was my first kiss, the first loyal girl i could trust and see us going a long way, so it's very hard for me to forgive myself and hard to move on, idk what do...what do you think? Do you think i did something wrong?