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How can I survive my grade 11 year with no friends?

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I know you are all going to say "go out and join a new club and make friends!" but My highschool from grade 9-12 has just over 100 people. I grew up with basically everybody since we were babies. We are from small communities and everyone knows everyone. I just recently found out my "friends" don't actually like me and have been using me." So this group of "friends" you could say we are on the lower end of popularity. 90% of my school drinks, parties, and does D r u gs on a regular basis and I deffinately don't want to get into that. I have my boyfriend but out of 10 classes in the year, we have 1 together and he needs to spend time with others, and not just me. Im not good being alone, im socially awkward, so idk what to do :/