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Boyfriend drama. Help ):

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Hi guys, I need some advice ! I am 20 and have a 32 year old boyfriend. We have been together for a year now. We are always together and live together. Me and my boyfriends relationship has been very rocky ever since I found a 10 links to in the body rubbing section. I asked him about this but he denied it and said it was pop ups. I believed him since he hasn't given me any reason not to trust him. So I let it go. So recently I found a body rub site in his phone that popped up in his google search (he has an iPhone 5) and when you search something on the iPhone 5 it comes up in purple. The site was .. I asked him about it and he denied it said it was a pop up too. Then when we got into a huge fight that same day and I kept asking him to tell me the truth he finally said that he did go to those places before we met (but I remember seeing these "popups" he said that was on his comp that I asked him about the first time while we were still together). Now that me and him are back together he is denying that he ever went to those places and tells me to use my common sense. I also did call that one place "madeinrussia4u2" and asked if he was ever there and they had no record of my boyfriend. I have let it go for awhile since the last time I found it in his phone but I still think about it from time to time becus I have a feeling he has been going to these places for awhile. I have never seen him talking to girls and I have his phone password and he leaves his phone around me a lot. Should I be worried and keep my eyes open or does it sound like I'm overreacting ? I know you guys can't really tell me whether he has been going to those places but from what I am telling you does it sound like he can be hiding something ?