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Why do I feel insecure and worried about my bf?

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Hey guys, I've been with my boyfriend for about 4 months now and we've been perfect for each other ever since. Now comes the stressful moment for me, which is like I guess you would call an "insecure" moment? because whenever he hangs with others girls of his friends, I feel like worried, that I don't want him to do anything. I tell him everytime I have thoughts torturing me over and over and he always tells me he loves me and says I'm his and always. But I can never skip over the feeling and thoughts that he might do something. Like this weekend my best friend is off from work and he asked her what about hanging out and never approached me first...which gave me a hint that something was up. I don't want to feel this way...I guess having a bf/gf is a lot of responsibilites or something because this is the first I've ever felt this way in my entire life. I never had a bf ever until this yar and it's been crazy that I'm afraid he'll see me as "complicated" :/ Please if anyone ahs any answers, that would be much appreciated! o: