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Does he deserve a second chance?

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I got a random message from a complete stranger yesterday letting me know that my boyfriend had been messaging her asking to take her to the movies, and sent me the screenshots. I confronted him immediately and of course he couldn't deny it; I have the proof. He's acting like he's torn apart- keeps saying he can't live without me/ can't picture his future without me/ he's sorry / he's never done anything like that before... the whole spiel. He keeps saying, "I've never cheated on you." but in all honestly, I consider the mere questioning of taking someone out cheating. Just because she ratted you out doesn't mean it didn't happen?? I've told him I never want to hear his voice or see his face again, except i'm 8 months pregnant with his child. He's always been pretty good to me. I've caught him in a couple lies, but nothing serious. So the question here is- second chance, or dump the scum..