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i need guy help!!!!!

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I have been talking to this guy a few weeks. He has told me he likes me and doesn't want to lose me but only wants to be friends, even though he doesn't treat me like a friend. I don't trust men who do this. Its like saying "I like you for now but if I get someone better you wont be my problem because we are only "friends"". He calls me and texts me all hours of the day and night. He says he calls "just to hear my voice". he calls me baby all the time. he introduces me to his friends like I'm a trophy and expects me to sit close to him with him arm around me and time we are with his friends. I don't like friends with benefits!!!! I am very emotional and I get very attached and when I told him that he says that he is feeling attracted to me too. I don't understand how you can treat someone like a girlfriend but only call her a friend. should I give up because honestly I live in a small country town I hate and there are no guys my type here of should I stick around even though this is driving me emotionally crazy and he will most likely hurt me 2 to 3 times a day because of this????