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Girls please help !!! i really need your help?

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i like a girl. the first and the only girl i have ever liked in my life. i know we cannot be together, coz of family problems. I think she wont like me the way i like her. we are best friends though since last 2 yrs. Share everything with each other like best buddies. our families wont allow us to get married. i am trying to get over her. but i want to tell her everything that is in my mind. atleast i want her to know what she means to me, how important she is to me. No i dont want to force her. Just let her know everything from day
one. I'm thinking of writing a mail to her. I cant say this to her in-person. I just want to end
everythng on a gud note.
my question is -

do you think she will get me wrong or will she starting hating me ??

Is e-mailing her wt i feel abt her a gud option??

Please help me..especialy girls :(