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Boyfriend question ?

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Okay , so my boyfriend and I have been dating for a while . We have hugged , when we hug it's a long hug and we just stand there . He squeezes me tight , but he don't hurt me ! We have never held hands .. We are both fourteen . And we both go to the same school . It's a private Christian school. Well we talked about kissing last night . He said he would kiss me .. It would be his first kiss not mine .. Well , the only problem is we can't kiss anywhere cause everybody is always looking .. We both agreed it will not be at school .. We can't be kicked out of school << Which will happen if we get caught . Anyways , when we were talking about that .. He said do you want to go to the movies ? I said yes .. He said could your parents take us ..I asked my mom and dad .. They said yes but they would stay .. So .. How would we kiss without them seeing .. They are going to be watching us .. Help ?
Sorry this is very long .
Oh , he plays basketball and I cheer , any help on that either .. Any way we could kiss there ?!
In the picture that's us 💕