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my boyfriend wants me to "feel" his penis

my boyfriend wants me to "feel" his penis and I want to make it plessuarble for him, so it's basicaly a hj so how do I do that? and don't say I'm to young, because I'm not! please just tell me how to hj him.

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Why does my boyfriends cum taste werid?

Everytime I give my boyfriend head and he cums, his cum tastes werid. It doesnt have a certain taste, but it makes me gag. What could cause his cum to taste werid?

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How can I give my boyfriend head with my tongue pierced

How cam I give my boyfriend head with my tongue pierced?
Also... Kind of random can I chew gum (blow bubbles ) hehe

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Games to Play with your Boyfriend

Does anyone know any good games,(besides the nervous game) I could play with my boyfriend, because everytime we hang out we end up just watching a movie???

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If i let my boyfriend finger me am i still a virgin?

My boyfriend finger me recently. When he's fingering me, there's a blood on his finger. Just a little bit of blood. Im confuse, is it because of my menstruation. Or I really lose my virginity?

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Does fisting hurt and should I let my boyfriend do it?

I love when my b/f finger me but he said he want's to push his whole hand in. I need to need does fisting hurt?

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What does it mean if your boyfriend touches your face while your kissing?

When my boyfriend and I make out he touches my face or rubs my hair, he doesnt do this all the time but its what he mainly does. What does this mean? Does it mean hes really into me or he doesnt know what to do with his hands?

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How do I get my boyfriend to touch me?

So all I really do with my boyfriends is like kiss, and I want more. I want him to touch my chest and other places. Pluse I want to make him happy. But the only way I can think of doing that is to tell him to touch me and I dont want to tell him. What ...

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why is it so hard for a tomboy to get a boyfriend?

why is it so hard for a tomboy to get a boyfriend? I'm a tomboy and I've had many crushes. but they said no because I'm to boyish. wtf I don't want to change my image but how can I help the situation

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How can I make my boyfriend horny with limits?

I need to make my boyfriend really horny. But nothing if you go in his pants. I need him to know he;s going to have to wait, but I want him to want it really bad.
Anyone know some really good ways?

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What could be some of the reasons my boyfriend wants me to gain weight?

im pretty self conscious about this typa thing and tend to yea


My boyfriend pleasures me..

When my boyfriend fingers me I dont get an orgasm.
I mean yeah it feels really good
But when I rub myself (not finger) I get to that climax...

I dont get it, how can I get an orgasm by fingering ?
Anytips for my boyfriend would help too ^-^

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cute nicknames for my boyfriend

I can't think of any cute nicknames for by boyfriend.. apart from baby, etc. his name is chris.. any ideas..?? nothing like cutie, babycake, etc..!! thanks x

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How do I lay on top of my boyfriend while making out?

Whenever I get on top, later on he jokes around telling me how I hurt him and stuff. I just wanna know how to position my legs and stuff.

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How do I turn my boyfriend on in public without being obvious?

I want to be able to drive my boyfriend crazy in public but I really hate the way our friends/other people react. So how can I turn him on without anyone else noticing?


Cutes name to put your boyfriend under on phone

what is a cute name to put your boyfriend number on your phone?? instead of puting he's name what are some cute names I could put instead?? I've got it As Babes at th emoment but thats pretty boring:P any ideas

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Has my boyfriend broken my hymen?

I am 14 and my boyfriend has fingered me a few times now and today he fingered me and when he took his finger out he and a little tiny drop of red/yellow stuff on his finger
It is not my period and I did feel a little bit of pain.
But has he broken i...

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How can I hide that I'm a virgin from my boyfriend?

I told my friends and my boyfriend that im not a virgin but i actually am, how can we have s*x for the first time without me telling him. Should i finger myself or something? And please dont say i should tell him the truth

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What can I text my boyfriend to turn him on?

me and my boyfriend like to send each other dirty texts to turn each other on but I've seem to run out of good ideas. I need longish, explicit, dirty, amazing texts. someone help me on this please. kthanksbi (:

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What can I do if my boyfriend touch my ass?

I have been with my boyfriend for five months (we both have 15). we always kiss but one day when we were kissing he put his hand in my ass and start touching it (this was the first time he did that). I dont know if this is noormal in a relationship be...

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How do you tell your boyfriend he does not last long enough in bed?

He cums almost immediately after putting his penis inside me. It really sucks! I asked him why he cums so fast , and he said he usually can cum 5 or 6 times.

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My boyfriend wants to finger me.

my boyfriend wants to finger me and I want him to. we are both totally ready but I'm really self concious about my body. I want him to finger me but I dont want him to see me with my pants off. and I dont want to bleed when he does it because that woul...

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What do I do when my boyfriend won't let me use his bathroom?

Well, my boyfriend won't let me use his bathroom cause he thinks it's gross. I stayed at his house one weekend & he wouldn't let me do my pee! I held it but once it got to the point where I was in pain, I made up an excuse & went home. How do I deal wi...


When I got fingered my boyfriend said I was so tight is it a bad thing?

k so I've never been fingered and before my boyfriend asked me out he asked me what I did and I just lied and said I was fingered before so now he likes me a lot and we've been dating for 3 months so he fingered me last night and said I was really tig...

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Teasing my boyfriend

So me and my boyfriend have been going out for awhile. Were both very comfortable with eachother. We always tease eachother it just makes thing that much better. He alwaysss teases me and wont finish me off, and I just dont know what excatly to do back...

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