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Kiss and hug my girlfreind

How do I kiss and hug my girlfriend?

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What are some tips on kissing?

I need tips on kissing!!! Help!!!

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Where can I kiss a girl to turn her on?

where do I kiss a girl to get her turn on

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Kissing secrets

What is your favorite trick to do when kissing?


What are fun things I can do with my boyfriend other than kissing?

What are other fun things I can do with my boyfriend other than kissing?

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Your First Kiss

what was your first kiss like? just curiose?


How do you kiss?

Do you have any good kissing tips? What do you do to be a good kisser?

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Your first kiss

What was your first kiss like? Like who was it with and how did they do it or how did you do it? Do you regret it???


how do you know when a boy wants to kiss you?

how do you know when a boy wants to kiss you??

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While kissing

What should I do with my hands while im kissing my boyfriend?

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Your kind of kiss?

What is your favorite type of kiss and why.


How to kiss someone who's not my boyfriend?

how do i kiss a guy that is not my boyfriend

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How to kiss passionately?

How do you kiss someone passionatly?

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close your eyes when kissing

why must close our eyes while kissing?


What makes the best kiss?

What makes the best kiss in your opinion?


How do you kiss a guy in an amazing way??

Okay.. so I've kissed like 3 guys before.. but it ment nothing because I didnt really like them and I was just kinda doing it because I was bored.. well now I really like this kid and he told my sisters boyfriend because they are best friends, that bef...

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Why do men like to kiss women on the lips?

Why Men Like to Kiss Women on their Lips?


What do you do when a guy kisses your neck?

what do you do when a guy kisses your neck? like, do you just sit there? or what?!?!

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Why do we kiss?

I've been wondering, why do we kiss to show our affections?


Which is better: a kiss or a hug?

which is better.. a kiss or a hug? XOXO


How was your first kiss?

How was your first kiss tell me what happened and if you liked it!?

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How can I get my girlfriend to kiss me?

My girlfriend and me are shy. What do I say to kiss me?

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