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How to survive a breakup

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Does fingering hurt and what does the girl do during it?

I'm 14 and there's this guy that I really like and he really likes me too and we are basically going out. And so he said that he wanted to finger me and I have no problem with that, I actually want him to so ya.. but like a few questions:: Does it hurt...


How do I make a guy horny?

I want to make my boyfriend really horny, so what are the most things that can make a guy reallly horny? Answer back please.

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Why does my husband get mad at me for looking at his phone???

Ok here we go. I have been with this guy for 3 years now. In the past I have caught him talking to other girls. So every now and then I go through his phone just to see whats in there. But he gets so mad at me when I look through it. We are married now...

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How to make sure I taste good for my first kiss?

I have never been kissed.
And I'm curious...I hear so many people talk about their kisses tasting like something.
And...I have this friend. Haha, well, friend who I'm interested in.
We've agreed to keep it as friends but we talk about everything.
He to...


Girls, what do you like about grinding?

I'm a guy who's 17. How can I tell if a girl really likes me grinding with them? I get "hard ones" (that I'm sure they can feel) and they always stay with me for quite a while (a few minutes). I just stand behind them, hold on to their waist and m...


How do you turn someone on?

what do yu do to turn on your boyfriend?

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turn on Spots

what is the fastest way to turn on my girl friend??


10 ways to make a girl horny?

What are 10 or more different ways to turn a girl on and make them horny?

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Where do girls want guy's hands during making out?

I know all girls are diffirint but I was just wonderin were would you want a boy to place there hands while makein out?
most of the time I just set my hands around her waist but I would like to try somethin different.. any advice at all would be apprec...

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What do you do when a guy kisses your neck?

what do you do when a guy kisses your neck? like, do you just sit there? or what?!?!

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where are good spots to kiss a girl

okay what spots should I kiss a girl like her neck and ears?? do usually all gurls like that?? also would I french kiss down the neck?? I need some help please and I would like gurls to answer this becasue you know they know what feels good and what th...


Where do girls like to be kissed ? (girls only)

I am going to be with my girlfriend all day tomorrow I just want to know where girls like to be kissed (lips, cheek, neck, forhead etc.)
Where do you like to be kissed ?

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When do girls start fingering?

I was just wondering causse my friend fingers herself and shes 15. But I reallh dont want to cause I think its wrong.

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what to do when recieving hickey

When I am recieving a hickey, while standing up.. what am I supposed to do? like, just moan or something?? what would guys like for a girl to do while hes sucking her neck? because I dont want to just stand there like a vegetable ...

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What do you girls think about hickeys? Where?

I'm thinking about giving my girlfriend a hickey, but I want to know what other girls thought of it first before I asked her. Thanx

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Can you pop your cherry fingering yourself?

Can you pop your cherry fingering urself?

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Is she scared to tell me ?

I've noticed I'm attracted to my best friend ( 12 years ) and I know your
thinking so... well shes a girl and I really l think I like her and we have
a joke wwere we'er married and yea well some times when we are alone I just
want to kiss her but I ...

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My boyfriend accuses me of cheating and I'm not...

I'm at a lost! My boyfriend constantly accuses me of cheating and I'm not, never have, and do even think about it because I love him and want only him. I haven't even came close to cheating, don't talk to other men, and again I don't want anyone else...


He never texts me first, should I stop texting him?

There's this guy I like, and I text him all the time. He answers as soon as I text him (like within minutes) but he is NEVER the first to say hello. When a conversation starts, it can carry on for a couple hours and stay pretty interesting. But, I've h...


What are girl's biggest turn-ons?

ladies, what are your biggest turn-ons? just curious...thanks!

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How do you know if your cherry has been popped?

how do you know if your cherry has been poped or not because i really am not sure i think that i might have but idk and if it hasn't how can it get poped like does the guy stick his penis up there or what ?? and as sad as it is to ask but twhat is it e...


What does it mean if I can put the head of my dick in my mouth?

I was experimenting and I found out I can put the head of my d*ck in my own mouth.

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Why didnt he tell me he had a girlfriend?

I've known this guy for awhile now, and ibumped into him in a job orientation 2 months ago and ill admit I've always been attracted to him.. And I had a boyfriend and he&my ex boyfriend know each other but are enemies..

And I decided one day to cal...


How do you finger yourself?

Well I want to finger myself but I don't really know how. What should I use, and will it hurt?


Guys during bjs where do you like to cum on girls?

When a girl is going down on you where do you like to cum? In there mouth, on there boobs, on there face? I have heard a lot of weird stuff about that so please answer I'm curious.

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