Is there anything to keep fruits fresh not rotting?

i work with my uncle in a small grocery store and his produce section rot quick anything out there that an prevent that/

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It's really difficult to keep fresh produce for rotting, but there are steps you can take:

- Make sure to rotate the produce often, so that the older product is on top or at the front.
- Avoid storing ethylene (a ripening hormone) generating foods (like bananas) next to other foods that tend to ripen quickly and have a very short shelf life (like apricots).
- Remove any produce that is showing signs of rot immediately ... one bad apple spoils the bunch - it's not just a metaphor
- If you notice any produce that is damaged, such as a cut in an apple skin, remove it ... cut produce rots quicker than whole.
- Pay attention to the temperature they are stored at ... many people think all produce needs refrigeration, but that is not the case. The link below has a handy chart outlining the best temperatures for each product.

ANSWER #2 of 3 posted how to keep fruit fresh and longer:
1. Keep your fruits on the best place in the refrigerator preferably on the bottom drawer.
2. Large fruits like oranges, pears and bananas should be kept on room temperature.
3. Monitor the fruits, if one fruit is rotting, remove it.

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How many grocery stores do you know keep their fruit in the bottom drawer of the refrigerator?

what is your fav fruit?

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