What is an easy way to melt chocolate chips?

Well.. This weekend, i thought it would be a fun idea if my boyfriend and i were to make chocolate covered fruit. But how can i melt chocolate.. Of course on the stove. Thanks for your help!

Answer #1

An easier way would just be to stick it in the microwave for about 20 seconds at a time stirring in between, making sure it doesn’t burn. Another way is to buy yourself one of those fondue pots where you put a candle in the bottom and the chocolate in the bowl. Where I am you can get a small fondue pot for about 3 dollars, so not expensive. Another way is a double boiler; get two pots one bigger, one smaller (smaller can be a saucepan) fill the bigger one halfway with water, bring to boil then turn to low heat. Then putting all the chocolate chips in the smaller pot or saucepan, put the pot in the pot with the water and wait for the chocolate to melt while stirring.

Answer #2

Hello Casey.Melting chocolate on the stove top can be quit risky as chocolate can burn fairly quick(tastes horrible :/ ) just melt it in a bowl over hot water,leave it in the sun,or just pop it in the microwave.Hope this helps.

Answer #3

Put in a glass bowl in the microwave at 30 second intervals - the glass helps retain heat better. Also, stir it after each 30 seconds - as it heats, the last bit of solid chips will melt into themselves. I do this all the time! Happy Holidays!

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