Does putting bread in the refrigerator make it stay fresh longer?

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Not at all. It has been studied and proven that putting bread in the refrigerator draws out the moisture in the bread leaving you with dry, crusty, stale bread faster and sooner than if you left it in room temperature on your counter.

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Not to say that Miss Janice is wrong, but in my experience it does last longer unless it's just all in my head.
When I was single I always kept it there, and when I met my current wife, her being single too, was doing the same thing. Now, we still keep it in the fridge.
If you're going to use it quickly I don't think it matters, but I do believe the fridge keeps it longer

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When you put bread in the fridge, the cold temperature causes the starch molecules to separate from the water molecules causing the bread to stale quite a bit faster than bread left at room temperature.

Keep in mind that this is about *freshness* not about how long you can keep it from going mouldy ... naturally, it will not mould as quickly in the fridge, and if you buy fresh breads without preservatives, mould could become an issue.

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