What are some alternate sources of protein other than meat?

Answer #1

Eggs, nuts, protein shake mix, and tofu.

Answer #2

Chicken breast without the skin and no seasoning (baked not fried) will give you at least 29 grams of protein compared to the same weight of whatever “vegetarian” alternative you can find…..

Answer #3

Sorry, To your question : Tofu is around 20 grams for half a cup (100 grams or around 4 ounces) beans also have a lot of protein.Flax seeds are at 8 grams Peanuts at 9 grams per 100 grams consumed…. Peanut butter also has 9 grams for 2 table spoons full…. good news everyone, Peanut butter :D

Answer #4

Soy products, beans, protein powder, eggs, nuts, Edename beans. Stuff like that.

Answer #5

Cheese, eggs, milk, beans, tofu, fish, nuts.

Answer #6

I go with nuts (cashews, almonds and peanuts), whey protein powder, micellar casein protein powder, eggs, cheese, milk, yogurt, and so on. Even bread and crumpets will give you 2.5-3.5g of protein per piece / slice as well. Just look at the nutritional labels of all the foods that interest you in the supermarket, and look for the protein content. You don’t need to eat all that much protein per day anyway unless you’re bodybuilding or need to do so for medical reasons.

Answer #7

Or pregnant haha.

Answer #8

Argh, you got me.

Answer #9

peanuts fish peanutbutter

Answer #10

beans and rice together make a complete protein. tofu is good although some people, especially those with thyroid problems, can’t eat soy products. quinoa is another good one (it’s a grain).

Answer #11

Whey protein isolate… About 25-26g per 30g serving :P.

Answer #12

eggs, milk

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