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How long is pre-cooked, pre-packed meat good for?

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I have some precooked, prepackaged fish & hamburger (hamburger patties) that's kind of old. Probably between 18 months and 2ish years, maybe a bit more. It's always been in the freezer. Are either of them still okay to eat? I didn't eat the fish because I didn't like it and no one else wanted it, so I was thinking of cooking it up and feeding it to the outside cats at my dad's farm but a friend said eating it would kill them since it's so old. Both meats are sealed in plastic and then are in a cardboard box (they can from Market Day-a thing the local school does, if you haven't heard of it). I've checked and they're not freezer burned or anything. I just don't want to feed either to anything and make them sick but I hate throwing out food too.