Do you think it's a good idea to put food in the freezer and then give it to somebody else?

I mean always when i visit my crazy relatives lol they give me food from the fridge and its like a rock . I mean serously do you think somebody is going to eat this, why dont then they just let them in the fridge that would be eatible, besides i just go to visit i never asked for take away food. Food frozen when melt dont taste good and smell bad. I havent told them because i dont want to get offended, but its pretty obvious that nobody would eat rice and beans frozen like a rock. Food should be in the fridge not in the freezer lol. What do you think?

Answer #1

It depends what type of food it is! some foods are really bad, health wise, if you keep it.

Answer #2

You probably have to just accept it to be nice. Relatives are always going to be foisting things onto you.

On the other hand, those relatives are the ones that will have your back in a knife fight first! So take the food, put it in your freezer, and then give it to some other relative when they come over :-)

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