Do you think it's right to read your child's diary?

Answer #1

Under normal circumstances - no … they have a right to some privacy, however, if my child were displaying suspicious or dangerous behaviour, then I would … sometimes you have to ignore basic values and do what’s best for your child.

Answer #2

As a child, I’d say no. If my father ever did that I’d think of it as a violation against my privacy, which is a human right. If my father were worried about me I’d expect him to ask me and express his worries. I’d always think that if a child were up to no good they’d be out doing it, not about writing it.

Answer #3

the problem is: i’d probably lie to him?

Answer #4

yes, actually it almost becomes a Must, if we just orally ask, the answer would be as usual: good,fine…etc but we need to know what our children need, they need someone to direct them Away from Taking Choices or doing things they’d regret, for their own good, & maybe it’s best to not let’em know. i hope this helped

Answer #5

No that’s lack of privacy and trust tbh

Answer #6

No, not at all. I’ve had horrible experiences with people doing this to me & it’s caused me not to trust anyone. I don’t even have a diary/journal anymore because of this; which is a horrible thing because writing helped me express myself and it helped me get things off my mind. So now all the things that go on in my life are trapped inside of me until I EXPLODEEE!

Answer #7

No, I’ve had it happen to me and it isn’t nice. I wasn’t hiding anything, I just wrote my feelings down and I felt horrible know somebody else had read it. My privacy was so invaded that I’m only just starting to write how I feel down, after about 4 years. The only time I would ever read a childs diary is if I thought something was terribly wrong with them or thought they was in danger.

Answer #8

YOU are the Parent - THEY are the child (under 18) - you have a RESPONSIBILITY to oversee ALL of your childs activities to ensure they are indeed in his/her Best Interests - children deserve no less.

Answer #9

I dont think you should unless they’ve displayed some abnormal actions or have been more sneeky? Surely they’re entitled to a little bit of privacy?

Answer #10


Answer #11

And reading someone’s diary is the more honest thing to do?

Answer #12

No. That’s inhumane.

Answer #13

It’s their own privacy. You can look if you want but your child wrote down everything in their diary with some kind of meaning. It will hurt your child and it will also hurt you. I’d hate if my parents looked in my diary. But they would be upset with things I’ve written about some of my problems. But I can’t control their curiosity. Just put yourself in your child’s shoes even if you don’t want to.

Answer #14

SO wrong.. if parents are open and dont do invasion of privacy.then the kids wont trust there parents and will even lie more to them

Answer #15

If you’re constantly snooping through your child’s every little thing, they’ll learn to be even MORE sneaky. Parents need to have an open relationship with their kids. My parents were very open with me and I never felt like I had to hide from them because I never had a reason to.

Answer #16

NEVER. If my mom read my diary id like flip. Jeez, we need our privacy too! Not that i have a diary, though. Diarys are for girlygirls

Answer #17

nope. sometimes, when i was little, my mom read my diary just because she was wondering what the little book was.. i didnt have anything to hide from her but i still felt so bad.. i felt as though noone could trust me, idk:/ a diary is where we can write stuff about how we feel and share everything with it. it is something VERY private and so, unless my parents had a good reason to do it, i dont think its fair to get into someone’s private thing//

Answer #18

There’s this thing called talking with your children and asking them how they feel. Maybe you should try that and build a strong trust and relationship with your child instead of going behind their back and reading their most private thoughts (which extremely rude and disrespectful)

Answer #19

As a mother I would never go into my childrens personal thoughts like that. my mother didn’t do that to any of us. If your child has been acting funny, you talk to them. If you don’t have a good enough relationship for that then you are not a very good parent to begin with. And what’s best for the child? Breaking the parent/child trust is worth reading instead of asking? If your child is able to do things behind your back it is because you allow them to making you at fault.

Answer #20

I respect your opinion, even if it is wrong :-)

Answer #21


Answer #22

children need there privacy as much as adults we all have rights and you wouldnt want ur parents in your private life it would just be pervy

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