What are some childhood habits that you brought to your teenage/adult life?

For me personally, I still sleep with my teddy. Also as a child I would bring my pillow around, I still do that when I go to watch tv on the couch, or sit at my desk.

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I used to have music played to me when I was a young child, because apparently I was really restless and hyper, and having music on would relax me, often my mum would leave a cd, go to bed herself, and let me drift to sleep. That's something I've carried on, if I can't sleep I put music on low and it seems to have a calming effect.

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Biting my nails...and it sucks!!!!!

my sons eating habit

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I sleep with a stuffed animal. I make sure there's even amounts of food on each side of my mouth. I make sure both of my feet take even numbers of steps. It's bad. :L

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pretending to be listening when i'm really not. i'll be reading or watching TV (or playing on FA!) and if someone starts talking i'll be like, "uh huh, uh huh, yeah, right...." but i won't have a heard a word they said!!

Molesting stuff

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My parents did the same thing with me so I am the same way!

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sleeping with a sheet over my butt. when i was little and it was hot i would sleep without covers but still cover my butt with a sheet because you were never supposed to let your panties show, right? so now i can't sleep without a sheet over my butt

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and never stepping on a crack!

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My dream of being a mermaid

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not a habit but I had this dream all my life :)

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I always listen for key jingling or a car rumbling, that was the sound if one of my parents had arrived home.

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I didn't want to know that Miss Angie so I'm gonna pretend I didn't read it. Did you hear me?

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Staying up at night (though not with a flashlight and book under the covers anymore).

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I grew up with all kinds of superstitions. Black cats, walking under ladders, the list goes on and on. I think it almost gave me a form of OCD nowadays. I don't "really" believe in any of those old superstitions, but am still somewhat controlled by them. Slowly, purposely, and surely ignoreing them til I'm finally free from it.

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I do the steps thing haha.

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Having water/food by my bed. And then spilling it in the middle of the night. :o
Also, getting in bed BEFORE turning the lights off, and then realizing I need to turn it off so I call for someone and ask for them to turn it off cause I dont wanna get up.
And the foot thing that Twiddle does, only I would do it with my whole body when I was little. If my right hand touched something, I decided that wasnt fair, so my left hand had to touh it too, and same with foot steps. THEY HAD TO BE EQUAL lol.

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As a kid I'd organize all my books, pencils, pens, looseleaf, and everything else in a neat circle around my desk and I'd flip out if something is moved. I still do it... Behind closed doors though :)

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Biting my nails.

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Putting things evenly in my locker and having nothing on the floor. Same thing with any shelf that I organize. The corners HAVE to be filled evenly, then I'll start on the middle. :]

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oops! sorry! i mainly only do that to people who see i'm busy doing something but they keep talking anyway. and only if its some really inane sh#t they're talking about. if its important i'll stop what i'm doing and listen...mostly! :- )

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I still sleep with my teddy bears. lol :)

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I do the same thing as you I bring a blanket to the computer desk, or downstairs to the couch whne I'm watching tv down there. I also Bite my fingernails still. Whenever my parents would tell me to do something I would say but why? and I still say Why a lot, I'm just a very curious person still. I will sometimes when I'm at malls or outside try to avoid stepping on cracks or lines or the colors at the malls.

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When i was a baby my mum dad knew when i was going to wake up becasue i would sneeze 3 times about half an hour before i woke up, so they knew they had some time to sort themselves before i woke up, apparently i still do this.

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