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How Do i change a dirty diaper?

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So me and my baby-mom had a falling out, so now if i want to spend time with my daughter i have to watch her by myself. That's fine i got confident in myself that i can handle a 1 year old girl, but the things that is messing with me is her poopy diaper. I can change her pee just fine, but its just the other one is so messy, smelly, and just plain out disgusting. It's send shivers down my spine, i dont know if thats it because im so paranoid of germs. Like i wash my hands after i get done handling bleach, laundry soap, raw meats, and just ton of things. I like to keep my hand clean , and the smell of her poop don't help neither, i was thinking of plugging my nose and maybe i can handle it like that,

but any tips or something?