Is it safe to put jarred baby food, like veggies, in a baby bottle that has milk in it?

Answer #1

I don’t really know. My mom never did that.

Answer #2

My mother never did either, and neither did I, but my brother feeds his baby that way and he is 18 months old, he should be eating solid food by now

Answer #3

ya he should be eatng solid foods. did he try to feed him solid food?

Answer #4

No him and his wife are to lazy to take time out to feed him right

Answer #5

Then what’s gonna happen if the baby grows up and rodent know how to eat solid foods?

Answer #6

Well they have another son, he is 3 and they have only had him on solid food for a year, and to top it off his wife is 5 months pregnant. I don’t know why they keep haveing kids

Answer #7

oh -.-

Answer #8

He NEEDS to start on solid foods. That’s not good for a baby’s health. You are supposed to start doing that BEFORE they turn 1…

Answer #9

Yep I keep telling him, he also can’t drink out of a sippy cup, its real sad, I feel bad for his kids, because on top of that he does d*ugs and drinks a lot of alcohol, like a fifth a day, not sure if you know how much that is but its ALOT

Answer #10

oh no thats not good.

Answer #11

No its not good

Answer #12

I wasn’t sure what you were referring to in the initial post. But after reading the replies and responses no it is not safe. 18 month olds should be on solids once their teeth come in. Bottle feeding is bad for their teeth. Secondly if the bottles are not completely cleaned (and from how you describe your brother, they likely are not) it’s asking for severe food poisoning. But until your bother sobers up I don’t think he’s going to be clear headed enough to fully realize anything you say to him.

Answer #13

I agree totally and suprisingly my bro and his wife are very clean people, I’m shocked to even say it but its true :-/

Answer #14

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Answer #15

Maybe you should anonymously call CPS and try to get custody of his children… That’s not a safe environment. And with his wife being pregnant, that can cause alot of complications with the baby!

Answer #16

Ummm wow! Is all I have to say! Why in the hell are those children even in that type of enviroment….cps needs to be aware!

Answer #17

Believe me they have been

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