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What are some tips on babysitting a 6-1/2 month old?

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The youngest I have babysat on my own is a 1 year old. I help my grandmother babysit my 6 1/2 month old nephew every now and then. This week, she has work, so now I have to babysit my nephew by myself. I know how to handle babies, and feed them, and play with them, and change them. Trust me, they aren't leaving him with someone inexperienced. He is my little nephew, I'd never let anything happen to him, but what are some tips on putting him to bed easier? Or whats another tip to make him stop crying faster? They usually pick him up and walk around the house with him till he stops crying, and I have no problem doing that, but it will cause me pain. I hurt my back the other day. Anyways, any tips would be nice. :-)