I want to adopt what's the process i would go through?

My mom won't adopt any kids, though I've begged her for a little sister or a little brother. She's turned me down, and has come to the point where she doesn't even give me her full attention when I bring up 'adoption'.

I told her when I get older I want to adopt, I've said this for years and I can't wait for the day to come...but I want to be prepared before that day does come. Or at least know some basics of the adoption process.

Where can I adopt a child? Do I have to go to court? How long is the court process?

Are some of the questions go pop up in my head. I know I need to be able to provide a safe, clean environment (home) for the child, be financially stable, and I think over 21. :/ I'm not for sure.

I'd really like to adopt a child, more than one. Is there a limit? Can you specifically pick out a child or you're given one?

Any other things I need to know help me please.

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I know you can pick out the child, and as long as you can properly care for them I dont think there is a limit and yes you have to go court for the finalization of the adoption papers or your lawyer can go for you instead

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