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why when im with my nephew he acts strange?

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Why when i'm alone with my nephew he acts strange?!!?

My nephew is a 3 year old kid!.He always had been haunted by ghosts!.He cries for anything.One time he went to my house,he went straight to my room and i followed him when he sat on the floor he told me a name, "Jack".The first time i ignore him because i thought he was playing but then he kept telling me that name "Jack" .I got to the point that i had to ask him who was jack ,when i was about to ask him who was jack he made a face like if someone was telling him to not tell anything so i ask him who was jack and he didn't tell me anything so i told him if jack was a werewolf a vampire or someone else but again he didn't tell me anything.So i ask him again who was Jack and this time he answer me.I told him if Jack was a werewolf and he told me no,i ask him if Jack was a vampire and he said yes,i got scared and then he told me that Jack was next to me and that Jack wants me.Please i need help with these thing.Can someone help me but tell me the truth if you are gonna help me!