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I think my son was molested

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My son is 2 years old (turning 3 within the next month) He came to me 2 days ago and said that my husband's uncle gave him a hiding on his bum. But i just thought that it is his imagination because he can get carried away a bit. But he mentioned this to my Mother yesterday again. So i sat down with him, and asked him, what did the uncle do? and he said that the uncle gave him a hiding. then i asked him where the uncle gave him a hiding then he said on his private part and it hurt. he actually just started with the pottie training and he was doing so well wearing his underpants and only sleeping with a nappy at night, but all of a sudden, he did not want to wear his underpants anymore and he is moody and he only wants to lie on his bed and watch cartoons. he is usually a child that likes playing outdoors, but he doesn't want to anymore...

do you think he could have been molested?