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Do you believe a newborn child is born with certain traits or personalities or do you believe everything is taught (more)?

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do you believe a person is born with their own individuality or is it something they pick up through peers or taught through their parents? What about psychopaths or sociopaths; is it learned? or inborn?

I've seen a similar question and most people stated that they believe that a child is blank, and everything is taught. Personally, I believe every child is born with a distinct personality and distinct traits. However, I do believe there are many things that are learned as well. My parents who had both me and my sister, have said that when we were new born, we both liked different thigns and had a different personality.

Jung, a swiss psychiatrist said, "The preconscious psyche--for example, that of a new-born infant--is not an empty vessel into which, under favourable conditions, practically anything can be poured.. t is a tremendously complicated, sharply defined individual entity .... But the moment the first visible manifestations of psychic life begin to appear, one would have to be blind not to recognize their individual character, that is, the unique personality behind them..."

It is why, I believe that a person born a psychopath, with his lessened emotions, lack of conscience, will never "stop" being a psychopath, but can only learn to control his action and urge.