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camera is plugged into the computer but it wont work

okay so I plug my camera in right? yah well the box thing never pops up, so how am I supposed to upload pics.

and I've tried unpluggin it and then plugging it and turning the computer on and off but still nothing.

how does it work?

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Free Ringtones for the lg scoop!

I just got the lg scoop and I cannot use a ring tone that someone sends to me in pic message or via bluetooth. Is there any new ringtone sites that work with alltels new software? Please help.


My boyfriends computer...

Ok so im here at my boyfriends house while hes at work and I was looking thru the my pictures file when I ran across these gurls pic well I want to know how do I tell if they were sent to him or if he downloaded it off the computer...thanks


Photo from camera to computer

dude im getting seriously tick off at this thing.HOW DO you DOWNLOAD A PIC FROM your CAMERA AND PUT IT ON your DESKTOP!??? IT KEEPS SAYING "DEVICE NOT FOUND" AND ITS REALLY STARTING TO BUG ME ...HELP!!! please AND TY


virgin mobile wild card help

1) can I set an answering machine for it?
2) someone told me that it had an mp3 player on it, it that true?
3) is there any way that I can put the pics that I have on my phone onto my laptop?

if you know how to do any of these please help me


Digital camera for under $300?

I want to by a good digital camera just to take pics I dont need anything fancy but I want it to be nice. I want a large sceen to look at, zoom in and out, and other good stuff like color effects. What kind of camera should I get??

P.s. I only have $3...


Why won't YouTube play anything?

Right so im on youtube and it won't let me play any videos, i want to watch and listen to some but nothing will work, i click on the video then it goes to this screen (i'll upload a pic) then it just stays black like in the picture? how can i fix it


finding deleted pictures.

omg! I took some really cute pictures [not to be conceded] and then uploaded them onto the computer. I deleted the pics from my camera and then the pictures were in drive j:

well now im trying to open drive j: and it says file not found is there any...

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sending photos to e-mail

I'm trying to send pictures I have taken to e-mail.The problem is that I don't know how and where to save them.Also when I open them I try to save to a file but everytime I try to view them, a virus scan comes on and goes to save but can't save just pi...


Issue with my camera. please hurry answering..

I went on vacation with it, and I dropped it accidentally, its a nikon coolpix s610.
so I checked if the camera was broken so I turned it on, it worked.
now, the problem is, that the little thing that holds the battery in place, broke.
and I cant te...


Why isnt my cord to my nikon coolpix going in?

Okkay the other day I transferred my pics to the computer. Now day I want to and the cord isnt going in. And since I pushed ard I think that the thing inside is all scratch because I push so hard. Now im mad and it wont go in.what else is the problem help


How do I get this embarrassing picture off of Google (read description)?

Ok so i was in the newspaper. And there is this super ugly pic of me. I want it off bc ppl in my school jus look it up for no reason and tease me about it. Likee i rlly need that off of google images. Can someone please help me?


Help! Disk drive???

I had a toshiba laptop that crashed and all of my info was on it (pics vids papers etc) ...I was told to take out the disk drive because thats where all my info is (not the place you put cd's in, the little card)

How do I get all of my stuff off of ...


Program for iTouch---WhosHere?

Okay so I'm really confused. I found some interesting pictures of girls on my boyfriends iTouch today when I was playing with it in class. I didn't recognize any of them, but they were self taken pictures, not professional or anything. SO I avoided ...


Myspace photo stealing

I have someone who I believ got a look at my private profile through an old friend. I believe they might have added pics of my dughter to there profile. I had my profile private to prevent this from happening. How can I go about seeing if this is the c...


What is there everything to know about a lgneon cell phone?

Im getting a lg neon phone and I was just wondering like how good are they? Are they simple? What do they consist of? What do they do? What sucks about them? And yeah everyting about it like are they a touch screen? Can they take pics?... stuuff lik...

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Blue screen virus

How do I get rid of a virus called blue screen . It restars my laptop everytime I turn it on . So the only way I can use my internet is logging in on safe mode with networking . But I cant access music or pics or anything. Its driving me crazy . I have...


MSN abuse

This guy that I accepted on msn (I'm friendly I accept just about everyone) has started sending me really bad pics of horrible stuff and I'm not like that! He says if I block him, he's going to set fire to the house in the middle of the night because h...


Why can't I download anything from the web?

My computer will not download any files or pictures from the internet. I can't install any updates, download movies, pics, or anything. Internet Explorer does not work or open at all. I can only go online through my yahoo browser. The only way I can ge...


picturess!!!besides photoshop!

okayy well my frann HATES takeing pictures so he say juss to go to his and juss put meh in there standing next to him or something?? I knoe this iss possable but is there a COMPLETLY FREE webstie that I can do this onn.?? plzz answer I need t...


videos to mp4 player

I was given an mp4 player by a friend, it works great, I can sync music, and even pics, but when I sync a video to it it syncs but does not show up in the video/movies section, it just says "empty disk!" what format does the video have to be in and how...


Photobucket! Deleting a picture

Ok so my album on photo bucket is private.. And I had a picture of me in my bra.. But I wasnt showing anything and when I logged in it said it had been deleted for being inapprpriate?? How wud they even know if my album is private I thought noone cud s...


Where can I find a program to read someone elses text messages?

I am sensing some foul play in my relationship and I need to know how to read the texts and Possibly e-mail and pics too without the other person knowing! I know there is a program out there that you can pay for and obtain this info! It may be illegal ...


How do you fix a jammed lense on a camera?

Ok so im at my frenns house and she was trying 2 wipe off the lense and shoved it back into the camera its jammed now and wont come out we tried eberything 2 get it out and we wanted 2 put new pics on the computer so we dont want 2 have 2 take it 2 get...


Trouble with mp3

Im trying to get videos on my mp3, but I can figure out how to do it, I have a philips mp3, and it installed a media converter but I can get it to work, and it says its downloaded from my windows media center, and when I go to view my pics and vidoes i...


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