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Can someone tell me why my phone isn't working?

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okay so i woke up at 12 this morning.. or i guess afternoon... and my fone was five after i called my mom.. my fone said you dont have any service.. so apperntly my house is not giving my fone service.. i went around the entire house even outside and i have no service on my fone.. my fone is a samsung messenger touch.. and my fone works everyday.. the only time my fone does this is if im at school.. or somethin.. but since my dad passed away.. he LOVED technology.. i mean for a 60 yr old man he could txt aha he ttxed me alll the time.. but since he passed.. he has been in the technology if you know what i mean.. he messes with the lights in the house, computers, cell phones. and my mom and i say stop rick or stop daddy.. please fix this.. and he fixes it and stops messing with it that day.. i mean its kinda fuunny but scary and now i want my fone to work aha