How much of this do you think I would be able to fit on a 6GB laptop before it starts to really slow down?

So I just got a new laptop for college and I have all these things I want to put on it but I’m obviously going to need it most for college work. Anyway the things that I want(not need) to put on the laptop are: -iTunes -a video editing software like sony vegas -Photoshop -a game or two(like minecrft) So how much of that could I fit on a laptop along with the HUGE amount of assignments I’m supposed to be etting from school.

Answer #1

6GB is not much .. My iPod had 6GB and I only have 3 apps about 30 pictures , two music videos , about 220 songs , 1 movie , and 11 epsiodes of south park. It’s not a lot. And my iPod isn’t slow , but if I take a few pictures or add an app , it gets slow. So your laptop would probably be able to hold the stuff you want , but I would recommend you get a memory stick for you school projects so your laptop doesn’t get slow.

Answer #2

I assume the 6GB is the amount of memory the computer has. Adding a lot of music and software requires not only memory (and I think you have enough unless you plan on doing a lot of heavy video editing) but also disk space. So how much disk space do you have? I assume it’s at least 250GB. If that’s the case you have lots of space. Don’t worry. The stuff that takes up the most room is video. Keep that under control and you will be OK. In any case, a memory stick will make no difference at all.

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