Is there going to be an iPhone 5 coming out in September?

Answer #1

…possibly…cuz they came out with a iphone 4….so maybe it’s gonna keep going?

Answer #2

I’m sure there will be. it’s going to be an endless cycle of iphones coming out.

Answer #3

it is comin out i hav heard the rumors bt cnt pin point the exact time :)

Answer #4

oh okay, thank you :)

Answer #5

I have also heard the rumors that an iPhone 5 is in the works, and it really would not surprise me if there is one. Apple will continuously make newer, better iPhones in order to compete with everyone else. As for when it will be coming out, I am not sure, although the fall, a couple months before christmas, seems like a good time

Answer #6

There is a rummer floating around that it was coming out in Sept because AT&T put out a memo to their cell stores saying no vacations in Sept. I have heard that the two are completely unrelated, but heard some noise that maybe Oct or Nov ish for the iPhone 5. Kinda a early holiday release.

I wonder what will be wrong with this one. iPhone 4 if you held it right you lost reception :P.

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