What is another program I can use to download music besides LimeWire & FrostWire?

-_- You just cant find any type of music on lime & frost wire … they’re wack LOL

Answer #1

Go on sites like btjunkie.org or piratebay.org There is also an excellent app on Android called ‘freeMusic’ If worse comes to worse, find music from YouTube and convert the video into an mp3 format on mediaconverter.org

Answer #2

ok thank you (:

Answer #3

4shared mp3raid vid2mp3 with vid2mp3 all you need to do is this; go to youtube and find the song you want. copy the url and go to vid2mp3 and paste the url in the box. then click download. when it finishes open your itunes and save it to your library

Answer #4

Thank you :)

Answer #5

Thank you :)

Answer #6

you’re welcome :)

Answer #7

pandora, rhapsody,fm radio,music,rdio,soundhound

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