How do i delete everything in my history without doing it individually?

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click, visited by website.. and you can delete it like that.

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Click Delete all history

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Click Saftey, the click delete all browsing history, then pick what you want to delete and there you go

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Go to history, click the date(s) that you wanna delete, select all, then click delete. Piece of cake.

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You can do Ctrl- Shift- Delete :D
or like baka4267 said you can click the dates that you wanna delete and then hit delete
or you can go to tools- safety-delete :D

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wow, that really works, even for the scroll bar drop down history. i have been wondering how to delete that. thanks :)

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if u using chrome:
go to options
then under the hood
there under privacy there is clear all browsing data
u can select to delete all data, or data from an hour ago only or weeks only etc
if uing some other browser the steps should be similar
u can also do a sisk cleanup and selec to delete all internet temp files and cookies

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