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so me and my girlfriend live with her mom and her mom has severe bipolar disorder and complains and hassles every single day over nothing. whenever my girlfriend gets her financial aid from college, her mom wants half of it and if she doesnt give her mom the money she goes crazy and says we never do anything to help around the house. so first let me clear this up. her mom is "disabled" and lays around 24/7 and i do a lot of work around the house. cleaning, dishes, cut grass etc and her mom goes off saying we never do anything and that she does everything. i dont see how she can put her self in my shoes and says she does the stuff i been doing but anyway since my girlfriend denies to give her mom money (dont lecture on me if giving her money is right or wrong please) her mother decides to tell her brother and her brother said he will evict us if we dont pay money.

first off, her brother lives in another state and her mom paid off the house in full and her brother denies to give her the deed to the house.

second: her mother allowed me and her daughter to come and stay into the house without any explanation on who owns the house or if we need to ask someone.

so can her brother sue and evict us even though her mother paid the house off in full and her brother refuses to sign the deed over to her and could i sue for labor work around the house to be nice for letting me stay in the house. she after all did allow me to come in and stay there with out asking her brother so wouldnt she be the responsibility one and i automatically and voided from any of this?