Gun Control Laws, for or against.

So what are your opinions on new gun control laws if they come? Should we have firmer laws or ban certain guns entirely?

Answer #1


Answer #2

against, nothing they have proposed will do anything more than punish law abiding citizens- criminals will still be criminals and the insane will always find a weapon to do their bidding , they will still get ahold of firearms because they are CRIMINALS, LAWS DO NOT MEAN ANYTHING TO CRIMINALS AND WILL NOT DETER THEM FROM KILLING PEOPLE.

Answer #3

The second amendment is a recognized innate natural right and cannot be amended by whichever “we” you’re referring to. This government is itself governed by the treaty that limits its authority to the democatic republican form enumerated in the Constitution. If the federal government, which derives its authority via the Constitution, violates the treaty of the 50 constituent states, it is no longer legitimate.

Once fellow travelers stop equating the federal government and America as one and the same… the sooner we return to a nation of competition rather than nepotism and cronyism, where our civil liberties are respected, not contingent upon the whims of whichever talking head has the money to buy the most airtime.

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