What exactly is the immigration reform that has been on the news lately?

Answer #1

Currently immigration is a train wreck. US industries are dependent on cheap labor from aliens here illegally while at the same time it is far too expensive, time consuming and difficult for honest hard working foreign nationals to become US citizens. Undocumented workers form a permanent underclass. Politicians disagree about how to fix our system but almost everyone agrees that it is badly broken. Some argue we should build bigger fences and use reconnaissance drones to patrol the boarders to keep foreigners out. Others want to grant workers citizenship who have worked here for years without breaking any laws other than being here illegally. Yet others want to increase enforcement and penalties for those who hire undocumented workers.

Answer #2

Just send them all here …In the UK as long as they destroy there passport and say they are from a european country,borow some kids…say ya too sick to work…and ya get it all,house,money,free health care and education…It would seem we have so many nice rich people in government that we just dont say no to anyone…ha you could have been a rapist,murderer or worse,but hey its easier to keep ya than send you back….and of course we will respect the European court of human rights even if its not in the intrest of the British people…just like the foreigne i llegal immagrant criminal who was allowed to stay in the UK after his prison sentence because he had a Cat,human rights lunacy lol….all at a cost to us….Sorry just had to rant.

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