What's happening with US, Israel and Palestina?

Answer #1

Palestine is a big region which includes Israel, Gaza and Israel have been in a conflict for a long time but until now it was quiet and neither harmed each other in an alarming matter. But lately there has been a commotion in which Gaza is sending bombs and Israel is responding, the main reason for the conflict is the land, each side claims it is his property, there is no settlement right now. Both sides are suffering from the impacts of this conflict.

Answer #2

thanks. do you know why is the US involved in this. I’ve been seeing stuff about the US and Israel and a possible attack or something like that

Answer #3

U.S is defending Israel and saying they have the right to defend themselves against the attacks from Gaza. Obama together with Netanyahu are trying to halt the crisis including stopping rocket strikes on Israel.

Answer #4

I wouldn’t be too confident about all that the media tells you is happening there. The media shows overt favouritism towards Israel and a lot of the reports are extremely biased. There is little knowledge as to why Palestine fired rockets at Israel, and for all we know it could have actually been a response in itself. If you look at the figures too, Israel has killed a much higher number of Palestinians than Palestine has killed Israelis. The dispute is over land, but there is now also a growing tradition of violence between the two countries and this is a real problem at current. Believe it or not, Britain is actually largely responsible for the land dispute due to overlapping promises they made after the Second World War. I would encourage you to read up on all of this stuff because it is very interesting stuff, and it would provide you with great insight as to what is actually happening. In my opinion, it’s hard to tell who the good guys are over there so I just don’t pick sides, lol.

Answer #5

thanks to all of you, it does sound interesting I’m looking for it.

Answer #6

I am not saying it because of knowledge out of media, I am personally experiencing it first handed, indeed Israel did kill a large number but same goes around. As for why it started, Israel has killed an important face of the other side and the rockets are indeed a respond but the reason for that was that he abducted soldiers,abused them,killed them, and did horrible things to uninvolved people, but then again he did that for the sake of his people and the land. Like I already mentioned the conflict is many years old, it goes round and round, each side thinks he is right meanwhile innocent peoples lives are being taken away. I am not taking side here either, this is a fruitless war that only causes damage but the backstage stories are interesting, what they teach in school about the other is very rude and the people come to hate each other blaming it on the other meanwhile they both are at fault, well at least the governmental are. Also noting again, Palestine is a big region which contains Israel so saying Palestine attacked Israel is a bit wrong.

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