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What do you think of stricter or looser gun-laws and its consequences?

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Since the Sandy Hook shooting, many people are blaming the United States' gun-laws so I was wondering what each person thought on the subject.

I, myself have mixed feelings on the subject. As the saying goes "Guns don't kill people, people kill people". So people with the intent of inflicting harm with firearms will find a way if they wish. On top of that, imposing a stricter law would have many consequences on a country's illegal black market, politics, etc. At the same time, however, living in Canada, the US's northern neighbor, statistically, we have much lower fire-arm related violence and stricter firearm laws. I do think, as well, that making fire-arms harder to obtain would deter some, but not all especially those determined. Way I see it, if I were to have the incentive to go on a violent rampage, I would have zero idea where to obtain firearms, even if I were to really try I would not have an idea where to start. So, I think it would deter the average person from going on such violent rampages but not those who have the connections or are engaged in a lifestyle of a violent manner, like those involved in gangs.

Stats world-wide: