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under what circumstances would you file a stay away order?

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For those that dont know the situation, my brother choked one of my kids a few months back, well I had him put in jail, when I did that my mother said she no longer wanted contact with me or my kids. I was fine with that and said ok just make sure you stay away because I am going to hold you to your word, well in the past 2 months or so she has come to my home, unannounced and thinking her and I were gonna talk, even a few weeks back she brought stuff for my kids for Christmas, but before that incident happened I told her if she came back I would press charges on her, so what should I do because I can't keep doing this. I feel like she is in the wrong for being on my brothers side, because he is wrong, there's no reason in the world a grown ass man should be choking a 90 pound child, what do you think?