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Can my girlfriends mom call the police on me for this?

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Okay so my girlfriend's mom got mad at me because about four days ago me and my girlfriend went to the park for about three hours we were just talking because she has family problems anyways my girlfriend told her mom that she was going to go for a walk with me so she knew that her daughter was with me obviously! So anyways we talked for three hours and then I realized it was getting late it was 6:40 so I told my girlfriend that she should go home so she did, I stayed at the park for a while longer then I left home by the way me and my girlfriend live in the same apartment building so when I got home my brother was looking for me because my girlfriends mom was looking for her like crazy but she didn't find us, we weren't hiding! so anyways a while ago I saw my girlfriends mom and she said that she had a bone to pick with me and that she would talk to me tomorrow and if i would ever take her daughter like that again she would call the police on me! So she was practically telling me to not talk to her daughter anymore WHAT THE HELL?? (sorry for the profanity) My girlfriends mom had told me her self that she trusted me with her daughter! Can she actually call the police on me for that? If she would what would they do to me?? I'm fourteen and she's thirteen by the way. PLEASE someone answer!?! THANKS!