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Should I report it?

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This might seem incredibly obvious to everyone, but nothing like this has ever happened to me.

Yesterday, some man approached me while I was on campus. It was in a crowded place. He asked about the shoes I was wearing, so I answered trying to be friendly. Then he asks if I ever thought about modeling commenting that I was his ideal height and weight saying that they needed someone to model their 7 inch platform shoes. He had one of the shoes with them showed me, and still trying to be nice here, I looked and said it was nice. He asked if I wanted to try them on right then and there and I rejected it saying I needed to be somewhere but more, I felt awkward. Then he gave me his "business card". Whole time there was no mention of any company. The business card seemed sketchy to me, all it said was "hiring girls to model our 7 inch platform shoes" and the guy's number. No company name or address or anything. The guy told me not to text or call after 12 pm because he would be asleep. He told me I'd have to fill out applications and go to interviews.

My problem here is, I'm not considering contacting him at all to fill out applications or other, but people are telling me to report this to the police. But what if it were legit? It really does not seem like it to me, but what if? I'm not quite sure what to do here.

Main points: -in a crowded area -he had the supposed shoe and asked me if I wanted to try it on -he said there would be applications and interviews -no mention of any sort of company -no address -I think it was just his own cell phone number on there

I probably should report it? I just hate the idea of possibly causing trouble for an innocent man.