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Okay so I went to the store one night to get stuff to make dinner my mom was on her way home from work at the time and I was trying to do something nice for my mom now this is where my story starts I come home and walk in the kitchen set everything down and grab what I needed to get started I grabbed a big dish and set it on the stove then I grabbed a pot to boil water and then proceeded to turn on the burners our stove is old and electric it hadn't been replaced since the late 80's the front burners were notorious for sparking up in the igniter underneath the stove i tried not to think anything of it and sprayed the cooking spray in the glass dish i grabbed the pot and turned around to put some water in it as i went to put water in it i turned around to check the stove and about a half a sec later it went up in flames i panicked i grabbed the mini fire extinguishers to put out the fire as quick as possible as i went to grab the fire extinguishers i didn't notice the plastic latch to unhook to item off the wall and it snapped from force and hit me and lacerated my eye brow i was still able to to think on my feet though mildly delirious i put the flames out on the stove but noticed the ventilation fan and the pipes above were still on fire by that time i opened up the house and the cops and fire department were outside ready to the thing is that my landlord is trying to sue for the damages to the apartment a new stove was installed and a new ventilation fan everything else like cabinets and walls needed to be sanded and repainted yet they are still charging us for the bill of $2300-$2400 dollars and I believe it is incredibly unfair any help would be greatly appreciated I'm scared and can not afford to pay for something that was started because of a spark under the stove the fire department labeled it as a grease fire because of the cooking spray and there was a large amount of grease deposit under the stove and the ventilation fan sorry for my bad English I need some advice