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What do LTD and PLC stand for?

What does LTD and PLC stands for ?


What does doe stand for in help wanted ads?

What does doe stand for in help wanted ads?


How can I make it big as a stand-up comidian?

I was wondering how I can make it big as a stand-up comedian? I was just wondering?


Stand Up 2 Cancer donations

Are you allowed to send in your donations AFTER the show airs? My team and I are holding a huge event, but we haven't gotten response from the place we're holding it at so we have to wait. So does anyone know if you're allowed to donate after Stand Up ...


Do I stand a chance in this modeling contest?

I was just wondering if you guys think I could ever be a model?
like, my friend and I were going to go to this thing about modeling, and I was just wondering your opinions on whether or not I could make it ? lol.
It's kind of a contest-type thing.


What is good way to stand out when looking for a job?

I have been looking for a job since July 2009 and still have no joy. I reguarly apply for jobs, and I would say I have probably applied for over 100+ jobs. I got to an interview for a christmas job, but got turned down, and that is the only interview I...


Where do you stand on the legalization of prostitution?

I personally am for it. I dont feel the government should have a say in whether a woman decides to sell her own body for money. It would also be able to be safer since the government can put regulations on std testing once a month, it would eliminate p...


Do you sit or stand to work at your computer?

I've sat at my computer for 30 years - until 2 weeks ago when I read that standing at a computer, especially for those who spend (too) many hours a week in front of the screen, can be both healthier and more productive. For example, it is easier to tak...


I need a job

Are there any jobs a 13 year old could get?? {{other than babysitting and a lemonade stand}}.

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How can I make money if I'm too young for a job?

im only 13 , and im too young for a job , how can I make money (that would work) im up for suggestions (other than dog walking lemonade stand and raking leafs)


Military problems

I am 14 and when I turn 18 I want to join the military. I dont want to stand on the sidelines and watch as my people die. I want to stand up against the people that dont understand that we should be unified to make the most of out short time on earth. ...


What promising Career? Animals?

I want a career working with animals.
I would want to be a vet but I cant stand seeing blood.
I have a very weak stomach.
What careers involve interacting with animals but dont involve blood.


Cancelled credit card

Can chase cancel my credit card without notification? it has been in good standing since 2005. I usually pay off close to the full balance each month. thank you


Easy ways to make money?

I have no job and no one will hire me does anyone know any easy way to make money not talking about being a hooker a slut or standing on the cornner I mean a job that I could still respect myself


15 year old looking for job

I've been looking for a job in switzerland dose anyone know what is the age for getting a simple job in switzerland and what is one just to earn some coins (exept standing in the streets and beging or jugguling)


Do you believe someone could be a surgeon even if they can't handle the sight of a lot of blood and guts?

It fascinates me and the only thing standing in my way is the quesy-ness. Pretty much, is it possible to get over the quesy-ness?


What job should I get at 14?

My parents are tired of giving me money, and I'm tired of asking! I'm 14 and could SERIOUSLY use a job, I've done a little babysitting but It's no use since I can't stand kids, and I can't seem to find anything that I can do at this age, so would someo...


Is PayPal not paying PTC payments?

Over the past few weeks I have read various postings and articles where individuals have said that PayPal has indicated that they will either be closing accounts that get paid with PTC programs or they will not be paying monies from PTC programs into P...


I have an interview to work in a nursery

ok, so I have an interview on the 17th of april, 2 work with nursery children, does any body know any good tips 2 make me stand out from the rest? im guna b so nervous!!! as I havnt had many interviews as I've been in college ful time, if I get this jo...


How could I become qualified for a job as a teen?

By next summer I will have had my license and hopefully will get a car. In order to pay it off I intend on getting a summer job. With the economy the way it is and possibly will be, I want to know how I could stand a chance at getting a job against adu...


What do you think of this co worker?

I have a co worker, everytime a customer comes in the store with a nice size shoulder bag, she thinks the customer is going to steal. I saw a man with thick money in his hands(closed palm). He was standing a bit far from this co worker, this co worker ...


What is a good way for a 13 year old to earn money in the summer?

I live on a private street.. so things like lemonade stands wont work because nobody goes down my road. I want it to be something I can do with my friends, and that's good for summer, like something outdoors. Any ideas?

P.S: Chores dont count beca...


How can I make money without working?

I am not lazy to get a job. It's just for health issues I can't. I am a grown up now but I have worked but now I just can't anymore. I can't handle stress or walking around for long periods of time or even heavy lifting boxes or anything. So what is a ...


I want to be a profesional singer where do I start?

Ok I've'e been singing since I was a little good im not bragging but I think im good..I've'e sang infront of over 3,000 people at a school concert by myself and got a standing ovation..I also do singing at church im in love with it is there any places ...


study singer plc stand wanted d o e d o e stand