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Last night, I went out with a friend and on our way back, we met one of our old highschool friends. I used to be pretty close with this guy but we haven't talked since we graduated so it's been four years since we talked.

Anyways, we got to talking and I found out he got kicked out of University after the first year and didn't go back to school. He told me, he had been working since leaving school and he had joined the Toronto film guild, worked his way up, and had recently worked on several of the recent film like Avengers and Robocop. I believe his position was assistant director? (can't remember anymore). I tell him he was pretty much living what I had always wanted before and told him I was planning to pursue this after I graduate with my degree. He tells me the only reason he was able to get in in the first place was because he had connections and he offered to help me get in, take my resume, recommend me, etc. He tells me to call him up soon as I get back (I'm leaving the country in August) and he will get me a job. But then he tells me, hours are long. Sometimes you will have to work 16-20 hours a day and you will pretty much disappear off the face of the earth for a while. And then he tells me it is even worst when you are involved in tv shows.

My problem is I'm in University still. Pretty much if I asked him for help and got it, I'd need to be done with school because of the hours. I have just one more year left before I graduate so I feel it'd be a waste to just drop out now. Would it be ... bad (for the lack of a better word) if I called him up after I graduate? What would you do? I had originally planned to go to college for film after I graduate from University to get a certificate and some experience, but this is just such a good opportunity out of nowhere!

My second problem is my relationship. Honestly, it is the most important thing to me. If I did take it, or if in the future I were to pursue this, I would be be working many hours a day, barely get to see my partner, not to mention the weeks that I'd disappear. He told me that was his problem as well, he and his long term girlfriend were really strained because of this. He, now, is taking a break from it. I definitely do not ever want to do anything that might end our relationship. What would you do?