Would It be rude if I asked this?

So lately I’ve been seriously considering going to a different country, to volunteer myself through this one program. It costs $5000 + for my trip. I’m not be sponsored to do this, I feel like making a change. Sometimes my school has “hat days” or something where you pay $3 to wear your hat all day at school, or something like that. If I went to my school, to see if they could do something like that weekly to help me with my trip, do you think it would be rude to do so? Or any fundraising tips?

I’m from a very small community, and people are very generous here. I just don’t know how I could fundraise unless I did a bake sale or something .

Answer #1

I don’t think it’s rude, but I think it’s very unlikely that a school would agree to doing something like that. Unfortunately, it doesn’t benefit them directly.

One thing I could think of is perhaps doing small jobs for people (helping them do fall cleaning, rake their leaves up, etc). Instead of asking for a set payment, ask for a donation that would go towards this trip. Explain the reason for your volunteering, and everything that would be involved while you’re doing it. When you’ve done that, you could try finding a part time job or perhaps do babysitting to raise more money for yourself?

Answer #2

My school is very small, just over 100 students. We grew up together since we were children practically, so we all know each other. We have done a lot of fundraising for others such as a cancer patient that graduated a few years ago, and such, so they might be willing to but I guess your right, who knows! Thankyou :) I have a part time job, I’ll be using money of my own, but I was thinking fundraising would help me a lot!

Answer #3

I dunno if this is you or if even i have a point….But…From what i gather from what i hear in the UK a lot of rich teenage uni students go on these so called do gooder trips and in fact its all ego mental waste of cash stuff…Like you said it will cost $5000…now if the work you did on this trip say helped 10 people…then what if you didnt go and just gave your cash to a good charity that will make sure the $5000 benerfits hundreds , the saving of your airfair,accomadation,food,lack of experiance no doubt,the wages for the charity that organises it… all to me seems like this idea is for the person and not to help the needy,when you look deep enough…Maybe this is not you at all and i dont mean to sound like i am saying you, I am just saying how i see things and hope it can be a little food for thought for others.

Answer #4

I am going to a school like yours, and i’m sure everyone would be happy to donate. :) I was actually planning on doing charity abroad too… as soon as I get through freshman year.

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