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Any advice on finding a part-time job that can be a stepping stone for future?

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For future career? I'm not talking about a cashier job, or a job at Mcdonald's. Anything from working in an office, secretary, or answering phone calls, or even in a film or art studio. I've always dreamed of working in the film industry, video editing, 3D etc, but I know I might not actually find a career in that. I want to be able to find a part time job for something that could potentially lead me to career that will sustain me when I'm moved out, married, etc. For the long run, not just some cash for now. I have no idea even where to start. I don't have any of that sort of experience, I've only worked as a cashier and have been for a few years. And I know that it's quite hard to find a part time job like that because most of those sort of jobs require full-time but I have known a few individuals who were able to find such jobs. Any advice?