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Currently on paid Short-Term Medical Leave and found another job...?

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Hi all,

I have been on short-term medical leave (full-pay STML from my employer) for about 2 months, and already approved for the 3rd month. My health condition is better now (spine fracture after a car accident)l however, I'm already told by my coworkers that my supervisor plans to get rid of me following my 3 months disability leave. In the mean time, i'm offered another similar position from a different company - so the timing is perfect.

So my question is, do I need to cancel my short term medical leave when I start my new job next week? Or can I let it ride till the end of month to collect 2 more weeks of paychecks while starting another job? What would be the consequence if I get caught doing this? Would this be a felony? I do not care about being fired by my current company because HR won't reveal that I'm fired if anyone asks).

Please refrain from replying with "Liar", "you're wasting taxpayers money"... I know this is unethical and I shouldn't do this. I'm just wondering what the consequence is if I get caught since I'm very low on cash because of the car accident (my car insurance let me down). Please, useful answers or just ignore this message, thank you.