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How do I resign?

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I am going to quit my current job, I've been there over two years yet I have not had a single raise yet I know people who have been there a much shorter time have. It is not that I am not a good worker, in fact, I happen to be one of the best there. I had talked to them about getting a raise several times but to no avail. I've gotten a 'yes' but it never happened. In addition there is now a new policy regarding hours that I'd much rather not have to deal with.

I know I have to hand in a letter of resignation two weeks prior, but do I need to talk to my manager/boss? If so what do I say? Also, any tips in writing the letter of resignation? Do I need to state a reason? Do I need to say it to my boss?

I've never left a job before so I'm kind of nervous haha, I've only been doing volunteer work up til this job.