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White ball virgina

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What is the little white ball in my vagina hole?

What is the white thing in my vagina hole? And I havent started my period ever and im a virgin. Is it a cist?

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I have this white gooey stuff in my vagina!

I have this white gooey stuff in my vagina!! What is it??

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When I finger myself, I get white stuff come out, what is it?

When I finger myself, I get white stuff come out, what is it?

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What is this hard ball thing in my vagina?

Yeah.. What is it?

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Sore white bump on my tongue

I have a tiny white bump on my tongue and its really Sore :( what is it and how can I make it go away!


White ok?

When I get wet its not clear girl wetness, its a whitish thin wet. Is this normal?

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Can you be pregnant and that white clear discharge still comes out?

I know the clear yellow discharge is normal but can you still be pregnant if it comes out?


The white of my eyes aren't white

The white of my eyes are not white anymore. I've noticed for the last few years that they have slowly been getting brownish or yellowish and not that youthful bright white they use to be. I am only 37 years old and have good eye sight in general so w...


Why is there white flakey stuff coming from my vagina?

I have white flakey stuff coming out of my pee whole and my vagina itches like crazy!!! what is happening?

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Why do I have white creamy discharge coming out from my vagina?

oh when im not on my period I get this creamy white discharge what does this mean helppp

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when white clear stuff comes out of your vigena what this mean?

like what does it mean when the clear stuff shows on your pantys I dont get it

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Whats the white stuff down there

Ok like theres this white stuff on my vergina lip that looks sort of like moist lint what is it


Why is my bug bite flashing red to white?

It's not insanely bright but it is faintly going red to white. It kinda scaring me x.x


What does it mean when white stuff comes out of your nipples?

When I push on my nipple like poping a zit white stuff comes out but its not clear or wet its white and dry? Im scared


Normal to have white stuff coming from your vagina?

Is it normal 2 have whit stuff comin from your virgina..because im very scared and I think it sumthin bad really really scared I need some answer

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period or white stuff help ahh

Hey im 13 and I dont have my period in my life and I have all the symmptomsof getting my period also I keep getting white stuff in my vagina do you get this before you get your period??

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what is the white thing in my underwear?? is my period coming??

it has been happing for about a month and some weeks. it is white and gooey I dont have my period im only 13 and my mom got her period at 14 and im not sure if my period is coming and as if what do I do??


White spots on my vagina

I have three white spots on my vagina and havent told any one they have been there for atleast a year and havent given me any bother just I always worry that they are doing damage to me just I dont and what to do please help


What are these white bumps on my penis?

I get white small ''popups'' around my penis head for a while (1-2 years).
but they not disturb me, I'm curious what are they. Maybe I'm sick?

So what are they?
Is it serious?


What is this ball above my vagina?

Like ever since I was 8 or so I've noticed once in a while like once every few monthes or something a ball sorta thing pops out right above my vagina! And if you feel it it is exactly the same size/shape of a testical! What is it???


lump in my virgina

ok well theirs a lump on my virgina and I didnt know what it was and I squeezed it and like yellow puss came out it hurts.its kinda big but the more puss comes out the smaller it no mores coming out..but its still pretty big. what do I do? do ...

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HELP! I have all this white gooy stuff on the undies, what is it

I have all this white gooy stuff on the undies & in in lips (of my vagina )
it's gross, it smells bad & everything.
what is it?
I'm 13 & I have started my peirod, I started last year
is it just a sign that I'm gonna get my peirod or something eles?...

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When I go to the bathroom, I see white gooey stuff what do I do?

When I go to the bathroom, I see white gooey stuff. Which is really odd because I havent started my period yet ever. I just wipe and pull up my pants, and then a couple mintes later, its back. It feels like wet, and sticky and smells.


White crust in belly button?

I just got my belly button pierced about 6 days ago and it is red on the top and I used H2OCEAN spray but it made is red to I use bactine is that okay for it should I be worried? also I used salt and water and it pussed white and I have dried white stu...


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