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Sister and I have bad eczema?

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My sister has had severe eczema mixed with dermatitis (may have Psoriasis on knees) for her entire life. It's all over her body. She is in a lot of pain all the time. She doesn't sleep very well, and she has gotten bullied for it, her grades have fallen behind due to exhaustion, pain, anxiety and depression. She feels like she's pathetic because she can only do so much in her condition. She also feels selfish for getting attention because of this! I try to convince her it's not her fault for being unable to do things, but she just feels pathetic. I can't stand watching her go through this. We've done things for treatment, though things have not gotten much better. I'm so sick of watching her suffer like this. I hate it. I hate it.

As for me, I started getting eczema in 5th grade. It started on the fold of my arms, then it got worse and spread waist and above. Although parts are unaffected. My face, legs, hands and small areas between the patches are not effected. It wasn't that bad for a while, but lately it has been causing some anxiety, pain(almost feels like a itchy sunburn, but not that much burning), tiredness, and restlessness at night. I'm afraid of how bad mine will get. (My sister has it much worse than me.)

My dad is beginning to get it on the fold of his arms. It's BARELY there, but I'm still worried because what if it gets bad?

Ugh. Here's the pity part....I have 3 dogs. Yes, I know. We should get rid of them. It's interesting for my sister to say, but she doesn't want to. She wants the dogs to be happy. She values them a lot. I too, would like to keep them. but considering the circumstances...we can't! We're dog-sitting one of them, who should be going in about 2 months. What about the other 2? They're important to us. I grew up with dogs, but now I don't want to touch them. EVERYTHING is covered in dust and fur. Before you say "Get rid of them." Please consider the emotions of this. My sister won't even let me discuss with her because she hates the thought of it. She would be so upset if I got my dad to get rid of them.

Cleaning the dust is a problem, obviously my sister and I can't clean the dust and fur. My dad won't do it either. He suffers from tiredness. He's literally exhausted all the time. He won't do it. I have a brother (actually a half brother by blood, so he won't get eczema) Could clean it, but he's kinda detached from everything that's happening because he's in college, working on being independent (You know how that is...) I don't even live with my mom, I barely see her.

Please help! I'm tired of suffering and watching everyone else suffer. Please consider how hard it is for me to get rid of them. I know. Pathetic.